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7 ways a driverless car will change your life

Category : technology

Do driverless cars dream of being a convertible?

Apparently we're 5-10 years off having our own Knight Rider-style driverless car. How would one change your life?

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Social media marketing – 5 tips for working out which platform to use

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Category : online marketing

Social media marketing - 5 tips for working out which platform to use

Social media is changing the world – at least that’s what we’re told. I’ve heard many stories of some guy who designed a T-shirt, put an ad on Facebook and made squillions! But how can you do that for yourself? And where do you start? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Here’s 5 handy tips to narrow the field down to something manageable.

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5 reasons why a blog is great for business!

Blogs are great for business!

I first heard of blogging in the late 1990’s when a bunch of my friends were setting up their own blogging websites. It’s more than 15 years later, and blogging has started to hit the main stream. But still, there will be many business owners who wonder if it is worth setting up a blog for their business.

Here's 5 reasons why blogs are a must!

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Boost your website traffic with other people’s content [case study]

Use other people's content to boost your website traffic

Let’s say you’re the proud owner of a new small business website. The only trouble is, very few people know that it exists. Even less have seen it.

Here’s a case study of how to quickly boost exposure to your website using someone else’s content and your existing social media network, and without paying a cent for advertising!

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What font should I use? [infographic]

Category : copywriting

What font should I use?

Ever wondered how to select the best font for your work? Here's a quick guide.

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